Me on this wiki

I am an Admin and Content Moderator on this wiki. I joined on December 23rd 2019, one day after this wiki was created. Some of my first real edits were made here and after making a few and helping with worths, Hallo Kewl made me a rollback. Staff applications ended up opening around a week later by AzureShadowYT then me and Crazy Hazel were both promoted to Content Moderator. I ended up becoming admin later on after getting extremely high on the leaderboard and having over 100 edits. By now, I am very high on the leaderboard and I am one of the only 3 people here with over 500 edits and frequently make sure that everybody is following the rules. I am very grateful that I get to have such a high position on a wiki with over 3,000 users.

Also I stalk- I mean monitor the wiki activity, so don't break the rules. You'll be caught.

Random facts about me

  • I've survived an EF-3 tornado and I'm still in a rental house.
  • I was once chased in the woods by an unknown creature and survived.
  • I've been through 2 car crashes. I also survived a car malfunction where it snapped into neutral on its own when we were in the driveway and my mom had just gotten out of the car, she jumped in and stopped it when we were one inch away from the neighbor's house.
  • I once swung on a wooden vine that other people were getting on to, including people that were bigger than me. It was so huge that we couldn't see the top, which is why we didn't see when it was cracking. It collapsed and once it was done collapsing, my only injury was a pink dot even though it could've killed me. How that was possible is still unexplained and I typed this with the hand that has the pink dot.
  • I used to own the rarest dog breed in the world.
  • I used to have an education raccoon who's bone got pushed into his lungs in an accident. Less than one in a million animals can survive that without surgery, and even with surgery the chances are very low. My mom couldn't afford the surgery, but he still somehow survived. He was taken from us the next day due to him "being at risk of rabies" even though he had no symptoms his entire life, was licensed, and was vaccinated. Ik, that's frickin stupid.
  • Btw credit to the coding help wiki and the free designs page for the fancy stuff on my profile.

My current pets


I have 6 cats, 2 dogs, and 3 education turtles. Even though most of my crazy rare pets were unfairly taken from me, I still have some. One of my cats is the only cat in the world with 2 unnatrually floppy ears, his floppy ears were caused by an insanely rare disease that he somehow got twice and after he was healed his ears turned floppy. Another one of my cats isn't exactly a cat-- he's a brain-damaged bobcat. He survived being dropped by a raptor as a newborn, he was healed at my mom's wildlife rescue but his brain damage couldn't be fixed, and the brain damage somehow made him as friendly as an average house cat. 2 of our turtles are survivors of major injuries (tw), one had all of the nerves in her leg killed in an accident and the other was found jammed into the rocks of a cliff with a broken shell.

In ajpw

My pets that are ft can be found on my trade list, the images on the right are my nft pets.

Art of minty by me.

By lunalovegood891

By FloraMagicPaws, the person who traded me Minty.

My nft pygmy.


My instagram is xswirlx_aj. I mainly post random pictures of my cat, entries for ajhq's contests, ajpw outfits, trades, and randomness. Go follow me if you're an extra cool doorbell.

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