Hi <insert name here>, I’m the wiki’s founder, if you have any questions, just ask me!

Warning - Any weird additions to this page are either from Azure or Crazy and maybe even Gracie because they are in general, BEAUTIFUL umbrellas or maybe Purry bc she can be a sneaky little windowsill-doorbell laptop. Or possibly even ~SpiritWølf~.




Uh oh.. 2D boy simp alert

Hi, I'm Hallo Kewl!

Hello! I have a few rare pets, and some rare items. You might know me from the play wild worth wiki! What I do for activities are; play basketball, softball, and volleyball, as well as doing musicals! Right now, My favorite school subject is Math. 

Marry Me Rudy Pankow

ahah I'm already your wife


On this wiki, we are blessed to have amazing staff members. Our Bureaucrats are AzureShadowYT, GraciePlayz, and Me, Hallo kewl. And we have five awesome Chat/Content Moderators, ~SpiritWølf, Cynder333Crazy Hazel, and Purry123! Some of these people are also admins! How do I become staff you might ask? Edit, Be Active, And be trusted my staff/community!


Now that <insert name here> is here... hi!

Here are some offers I’m throwing out there

I’m looking to trade my default archer and adds for pink crystal peg wings

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