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Hi, I'm Glitter and I am a custodian here! That means I have both the abilities of discussion and content mod. I cannot block other users however; you're better seeing an admin for that. I will try my best to answer any questions or concerns you may have or just engage in random conversation here or on my Discord-Forever#5467.


I've been playing Animal Jam (formerly Play Wild) since late 2017. My account is GlitterStarz6 and I am currently inactive. I joined my first pack in May 2018, and I don't plan on renewing my membership. I'm looking for halloween rares, masterpieces and so on. My pet worth advice is decent, but I'd recommend asking someone else for specific worth of exotics or roosters.

In real life


  • I am female and use she/her pronouns.
  • I am born on 12th of July 2006.
  • I live in NSW, Australia, which explains my timezone (AEDT = GMT + 11h)
  • I have no pets (unless you count my deceased canary) and no siblings.


  • I am fluent in English. Due to my parents being Banglageshi, I am also fluent in Bengali. I am currently studying Japanese and Arabic.
  • I am improving in my art and writing skills.
  • I honestly enjoy reading as much as watching movies.
  • I stalk the wiki, but spectate is a much better word to use.
  • I'm practicing coding; mainly CSS.
  • I can't swim. I take lessons, just can't!
  • I can be stubborn sometimes.

Here are my wiki statistics!

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Sources to come back to:

Coding Help Wiki. Magic Words.

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