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Hello there! I'm DarkeningDreamz, a friendly wall stalker who loves to steal Mexican food of any sort >:3. I love pet sugar gliders!

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All of them! Edits by Riseo ^^

  • Fruit Punch; pink top, peach bottom, pink eyelashed eyes
  • Jasmine; magenta-ish top, gray bottom, green eyes with eyelashes
  • Autumn; likes to go as Queen Autumn, beige/tan top, brown-ish gray bottom, coffee brown eyelashed eyes
  • Stranger; black top, purple bottom, red X eyes. My first X eyed gliderb!
  • Cyro; gray top, navy bottom, gray grumpy eyes
  • Kovidar; purple top, lighter purple bottom, orange semi-circle eyes. Me first semi-circled eyed glider!
  • Dusty; brown top, tan ish bottom, orange eyelashed eyes!
  • Stormy; dark gray top, white bottom, dark blue round eyes. Triplets are Lightning and Smoky.
  • Obsidian; pure black with dark gray grumpy eyes
  • Smoky; gray top, white bottom, blue round eyes. Identical twin is Lightning, other triplet is Stormy
  • Lightning; gray top, white bottom, blue round eyes, Identical twin is Smoky, other triplet is Stormy
  • Shade; black top, gray bottom, dark blue round eyes
  • Ember; black top, red bottom, red grumpy eyes
  • Mocha; beige/white-ish cream top, white bottom, indigo/dark blue eyelashed eyes
  • Walter; black top, blue bottom, blue round eyes
  • Orchid; pink top, purple bottom, blue eyelashed eyes
  • Cheri; white top, pink bottom, yellow eyes with eyelashes
  • Flame; orange top, black bottom, black grumpy eyes
  • Amethyst; purple/violet top, white bottom, silver eyelashed eyes

If you have any , I'd love to see them!

Coding by Xx-eclipsethelegend-xX!

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