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Pet Expeditions are a member-only activity where you send one or more pets off for either; one, three, or five day “expeditions”. They will return with prizes and there is a rare chance, on Five-Day Expeditions, that they can return with Exotic Pet DNA Vials, which can currently award you with either a Pet Armadillo Lizard or a Pet Pygmy Marmoset, however the Pet Snowflake Penguin's vial is no longer available. You can also get items like Dino BonnetsPropeller HelmetsLawn Sprinklers, Rare Eggs, Gems, and Sapphires.

Note: The Valley of Eggs and Cocoa Cliffs Expedition are unavailable, and the Prizes cannot be Earned.

One Day Three Day Five Day Cocoa Cliffs Valley of Eggs
Prizes - Gems & Sapphires Prizes - Gems, Sapphires, & Items Prizes- Gems, Sapphires, Items, & a DNA Vial Prize - Exclusive DNA Vial Prize - Eggs
Level & Energy Needed - Level 3 & Energy 1 Level & Energy Needed - Level 4 & Energy 2 Level & Energy Needed - Level 5 & Energy 3 Level & Energy Needed - Level 4 & Energy 4 Level & Energy Needed -

Level 1 & Energy 1

Available Available Available Not Available Not Available
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