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Last edited: 02/15/2021

Pet Expeditions are a member-only activity where you send one or more pets off for either; one, three, or five day “expeditions”. They will return with prizes and there is a rare chance, on Five-Day Expeditions, that they can return with Exotic Pet DNA Vials, which, when hatched, can award you with either a Pet Armadillo Lizard, a Pet Pygmy Marmoset, or a Pet Short-nosed Echidna. The Pet Snowflake Penguin's vial, however, is no longer available. You can also get items like Dino BonnetsPropeller HelmetsLawn Sprinklers, Rare Eggs, Gems, and Sapphires.

Note: The Valley of Eggs, Cocoa Cliffs, and Phantom Fortress Outlands Expeditions are currently unavailable, and the Prizes cannot be earned.

One Day Three Day Five Day Cocoa Cliffs Valley of Eggs Phantom Fortress Outlands
Prizes - Gems & Sapphires Prizes - Gems, Sapphires, & Items Prizes- Gems, Sapphires, Items, & a DNA Vial Prize - Exclusive DNA Vial Prize - Eggs Prize - Pet Clothing
Level & Energy Needed - Level 3 & Energy 1 Level & Energy Needed - Level 4 & Energy 2 Level & Energy Needed - Level 5 & Energy 3 Level & Energy Needed - Level 4 & Energy 4 Level & Energy Needed -

Level 1 & Energy 1

Level & Energy Needed -

Level 3 & Energy 3

Available Available Available Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
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