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1. Use the "i" button to switch your text to italics, then write "Last Edited: (date page was created/last edited )".

2. Move to a different line then write the pet's release history. That info should be on the Play Wild Wiki.

3. Without switching/skipping lines, write a description of the pet's default appearance.

4. Create a table. 

Table info

Rows- 4-5. One (top) for the;

  • pet's name
  • one for the pet's picture
  • one for the pet's worth in sapphires
  • and one for the pet's worth in items.
  • If the pet is worth add _ for _ or _ and _ add, you may add a 5th row.

Columns- 2. One (left) for the non-leveled worth, 2 (right) for the level 1-5 worth.

Header- First row.

Border size- doesn't matter. Best to leave it as default.

Alignment- Left.

Caption- leave blank.

Width- 200. If there's a problem, it might need to be changed a little.

Height- doesn't matter; best to leave as default.

Cell Padding and Spacing- doesn't matter, best to leave as default. 

Example table.

Example Page

Last edited: (date)

The (pet) was released (date) and was later removed (date). It hasn't returned since. The default appearance is (description).

(Pet name) (Pet name) Level 5
(Image) (Image)
(amount)-(amount) sapphires) (amount) sapphires
Add (decent, good, or small) for (item with the link) (item with the link)
Add (decent, good, or small) for (pet) (pet)

Categories: 2018 | 2019 | High Demand | Unavailable | Out Of Store | Toys

Categories: Things To Add

1. The years they were available in (ex. 2016, 2017 2018, 2019, 2020).

2. Their levels of demand (ex. high demand)

3. If they're in or out of stores.

4. If they are a prize or promo pet.

5. If they are available or unavailable

6. If they have toys put the “Toys” category. If they don’t, do not bother to add a category

7. If they are Seasonal


Images of pets and release dates can be found on the Play Wild Wiki. We credit them on the main page.

Here's a link to another page that's a good example: Pet Fennec Fox

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