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Claws 'N Paws is located in Appondale. It was released in June of 2016. Claws ’N Paws sells Pets, Pet Toys, and Pet Clothing Items. Promos, Pet Expedition prizes, and Exotic Pet DNA Vials are not sold here. Every pet released here has been sold for 50 Sapphires except for the Meagyn's Pet Bear and the Pet Honeybee, which have been sold for 1,500 Gems. When a pet is on sale, its price is changed to 35 Sapphires. All pets that are sold here can also be found in the Sapphire Shop.


Claws 'N Paws is a shop placed inside a tree, which has spread-out branches that allow Jammers to climb up and walk on. The shop has two doors, a normal sized one and a small door. You can go through the small door if you have a Shrink Potion. When you go through, you will be in the Tiny Shop.


The inside of this shop has different types of pets and icons scattered across the floor and stairs. You can click these icons to customize, name, and buy a certain pet. You can also purchase Pet Toys, and pet clothes there.


 The music displayed is called Claws N' Paws.

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