Cirruss Cirruss 5 hours ago

My Random BNHA Fanfiction

This was actually meant as a school project, but some of my friends who watched BNHA wanted to see this, so I decided to put it here. This is mainly for AlpineWolfie, but anyone can see it as long as you don't mind the absolute cringe. It probably won't make sense if you haven't watched the show, just a heads-up. Warning: Extreme cringiness ahead.

“All right, I guess we’re here, then,” Aizawa grumbled, obviously displeased about having to train the students of Class 1-A when he’d rather catch up on his much-needed sleep. “I don’t see how All Might could’ve possibly thought this was a good idea.”

“I respectfully disagree, sir! For one, we all need extra training to enhance the power of our Quirks, as well as- ” Iida chopped the surrounding air …

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Seafoamii Seafoamii 16 hours ago



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Icepak21 Icepak21 2 days ago


Hello wiki!! This is kinda a announcement? I am going to be posting my art on this blog! Its not the best art in the worth but i try my best! :) Check back regularly to see all kinds of new art ive made!!

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Cynder333 Cynder333 2 days ago

New Wiki Mascot!

Hello everybody! It has finally come to the agreement of the staff that we will have a mascot! The mascot our staff agreed on was Thot Slayer! If you haven’t met him yet, he’s a rooster with a bazooka which will protect our wiki! We’re glad to finally announce this and any fanart is more than welcome! We’re also thankful to congratulate all of our staff for their amazing jobs & for all the time we’ve been with all our amazing users! 💙 hope you all have an amazing day! If you haven’t met Shooter/Thot Slayer yet, the following blog post will have pictures of him!

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Cremecherry Cremecherry 2 days ago

i want gliders

trading a lizard for to hot gliders or one similar glider to the one i owned, on my message wall ty

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LIzzycrazyyy LIzzycrazyyy 2 days ago

Hello! new wiki page


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GraciePlayz GraciePlayz 3 days ago

Might be taking short break

So recently, you guys have realized I havent been doing my psrt as staff and Co-Founder of this wiki.

this is for the following reasons..

  • My ipad crashes very often when opening this new software
  • I am haveing great trouble at navigating this new style (I just cant figure it out)
  • My body in its physical form is killing me. We are getting many tests done so I hope we find out

have a great halloween

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Sapphire1713 Sapphire1713 5 days ago


What shall I name him?

  1. TealBoi
  2. OceanBoi
  3. SeaBoi
  4. (leave other suggestions in the comments!)

Please vote on a number in the comments. Have an awesomesaucesean day, everyone!

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Squidy0000 Squidy0000 5 days ago

Hello everyone!

Hello! I just joined this but I have played a while! Thanks for reading!

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GlitterStarz GlitterStarz 5 days ago

Goals for myself 💙

Hey, I've decided to write some goals for myself.

  1. Catch some underage people.
  2. Write a discussion post that becomes a popular post and doesn't die out as a popular post for a whole week.
  3. Adapt to new wiki format and learn to code on it.
  4. Get 1000 mainspace.
  5. Become an actual mod.
  6. Be active and helpful.

Will add later, currently not bothered.

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Dreampoggerssiri Dreampoggerssiri 7 days ago

LT: get rid of dark set

hI!!!!!! i really am trying to purge my sets so,, heres the first blog


pets > sapphires > sumn else lol

h,,,,, plz i really want my set purge to just go brr r r 

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Rschildkrote Rschildkrote 7 days ago

contribution wiki

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Cirruss Cirruss 8 days ago

Song + Band Suggestions

Hello there, fellow random humans! If you're anything like me, you've probably at one point during this month gone, 'Wow, I really need some decent music to listen to.' Here, I've compiled a few of my favorite bands and songs that I hope you'll like. (Keep in mind that these are only suggestions.) A few of these songs contain mild language, just a warning beforehand.

[Panic! At The Disco]

Ever since fifth grade, Brendon Urie has continuously been one of my favorite artists for a while now. P!ATD's alternative-style music is unique, and in my opinion pretty catchy. I definitely recommend listening to any of the songs by this band.

Favorite Songs: King Of The Clouds, Victorious, Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, and …

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Ssrlismyusername Ssrlismyusername 8 days ago


                -Lizard Clue-


Ace = Miss White

Charcoal = Mr. Boddy

Lime = Mr. Green

Shady = Dr. Plum

Banana = Col. Mustard

Elmo = Miss Scarlet

Bubblegum = Dr. Orchid

Oceana = Mrs. Peacock

        They were all sittin’ round’ the table playing a game o’ poker when suddenly the lights flicked out, they heard a muffled scream, then some shuffling and the lights flicked back on.


       “That sounded like my past 3 husbands when I killed them.” Oceana thought to herself. She got up and followed Miss. Ace and everyone else into the kitchen, where Mr.Charcoal lay on the floor, dead with what looked like duck tape covering his mouth and nose.

    “M-m-m-mr.Charcoal is dead!” Professor Shady exclaimed. Oceana sighed. She had always thought h…

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MøønlightAJ MøønlightAJ 8 days ago


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PinkRøse PinkRøse 8 days ago


Hello! If you have any super hawt lizzies post here! I love offering :3 Thanks!

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Purry123 Purry123 9 days ago

I don't like ucp.

It broke the admin list on the community page too?! Disrespect! I am not inactive! I contributed like a minute ago not 2 days ago! And what's with the popular pages breaking? I am about to scream.

Hopefully this doesn't sound aggressive I'm not actually that mad and I didn't scream and calling it "disrespect" was mostly sarcasm

I still don't like ucp tho.

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Hamster908 Hamster908 10 days ago



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Marcoisland AJ Marcoisland AJ 10 days ago

Anyone have any Lab Puppy's

Hello guys! Well I'm a huge collector of Lab Puppy's, and Spotted Lab Puppy's, so does anyone have any? (Any color's/ level is fine) I know that the Lab Puppy's are not that rare, so if anyone has any that I can offer for I would love it. Also giving home's to anyone's that you don't really want :) I'm obsessed with The Lab Puppy's.... I'll be on today or tomorrow around 4-4:30 Est time, so if you have any just leave a message on my wall :)

--Marcoisland 🤗

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Snowyraccooncat Snowyraccooncat 11 days ago

Lizard habitat and more!

Selling these lizard habitats, kiwi bird master blocks and some new art I made at my den!

User is Snowyraccooncat

(sorry pic won't load)

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Nede1230 Nede1230 11 days ago


Hi guys! If you don’t know me hello, I’m four ( my nickname )! I need help on this whole new set up. Can some of you guys please tell me what happened to the set up? I don’t like it very much. Someone said that the wiki transferred? Also I need name suggestions, ratings, and the worth of this lizard I got. But I am mostly concerned about the new set up! Also is all of wikis set up like this? Thanks guys!


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Averyyy14 Averyyy14 11 days ago

Meet Avery

Hi everyone, I'm Avery!

I'm 14 years old, and my twin sister Aspen and I will be 15 on October 14th, yay!

I live in Louisiana, and so does Aspen :)

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Offers For Lizards

Heyo! Taking offers for my lizards!

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LIzzycrazyyy LIzzycrazyyy 11 days ago

Lizzie school

Yo! If you are going to be a member of my lizzie school, this is what ya need to know. You need a pet potion and a lizard, in order to come. I am currently in need of a teacher, reply under here if ur interested! I would prefer a chonkey lizard for teacher, but it doesn't really matter. Don't be mean. I recognize that there are bully's at every school, but thank about poor little lizzie's being bullied! Yes, it will be just like a regular school. Crushes, dorms, etc. Thank you if ya will come!


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LIzzycrazyyy LIzzycrazyyy 11 days ago

New wiki software

Hello! Most of us are pretty annoyed with the new software. But we will all get used to it someday...XD anyway, If you ever messaged my wall, I lost everything so------- yeah.

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GraciePlayz GraciePlayz 11 days ago

New Wiki Platform

Hello fellow Jammers,

Today I have woken up to see our wiki is on a new platform. I understand many of you are upset or frusurated with operating this new style of the wiki. But I am sorry to say that staff cant do anything on this wiki to change it to the previous style. For a few months, FANDOM has been telling us our wiki will be migrated to a new software. At the time we did not stress about it since we did not know how the outcome will be yet. FANDOM is doing this to many wikis as their "new updated" style of the wiki. They said not all messages/features are not completely loaded yet and they will notify us when it is.

Thank you for your patience, GraciePlayz (talk)

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Ssrlismyusername Ssrlismyusername 12 days ago

Umm hi

Reminder for myself:

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GraciePlayz GraciePlayz 13 days ago

Items I’m looking for

Pink Doctors Bag

Purple Doctors Bag

Grey Doctors Bag

Teal Doctors Bag

Blue Doctors Bag

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GraciePlayz GraciePlayz 13 days ago

❤️3,000 (and more) users❤️

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Purry123 Purry123 13 days ago

I'm back!

The connection was fixed but the following things aren't fixed:

  1. The house. But my parents are gonna fight against nationwide in court if it isn't fixed by 2021 and they're really scared now that my parents have threatened to do that.
  2. Me. I'm still under a lot of stress and a doctor gave me bad medicine for my ADHD that's triggering wild instincts and making my chest hurt randomly.
  3. The fact that most of my cats think I'm dead and I can't visit them. Ziggy came back to the rental but it's too risky to bring back the other 4 and we still can't visit them. His husband is still constantly meowing at me, asking for me to bring back the real house.
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Denaguo Denaguo 14 days ago

Looking for Den's Den Tips?

If you are looking for my den decorating blogs, they are on AJPW wiki!

Here's a link to the page:



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YuniUni YuniUni 14 days ago

Me and my crew


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these are my dogs 

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Mymelodycrybaby Mymelodycrybaby 15 days ago


i'm back so heh,


kendall if youre reading this

im sorry

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rat juice

She is kind and E P I C UwU You should be friends with herrrr

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Fuzball027 Fuzball027 16 days ago

Bruh I have no idea how to use wiki please help me


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XCinders XCinders 17 days ago

Night of the Phantoms


Do you guys think it's worth playing the Super Sweets game and the Light in the Dark game when it's not Halloween? Most of the prizes I've gotten have been pretty bad (oop -) and I know that the hw rares are only available to win on the 31st. I could get more gems playing different games or hang with friends/trade/take care of pets, so I kinda think the games are a waste of time until good prizes are actually available. 

Do the prizes get better as you complete more sessions or are all they all just bad? 0-0 Lmk what you guys thinkkkk

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Queen galxy llamas ajpw Queen galxy llamas ajpw 17 days ago

Hi and happy Halloween

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Keeping Up With The Lizorbs- OFFICIAL CAST LIST

Main Cast:



















~Mountain Dew


Ice Cream

Cake Pop





all lizorbs

Guest Stars

All specified

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Aliiplays Aliiplays 18 days ago


Hiya, thank you for reading! I just wanna let you know two things one, NO bullying talking rudely to others!!!!

and two, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your time!

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Annoying Trading crap

Things I find annoying in trading!

1-Getting upset about someone asking " May I offer? " Sometimes people display art, lizards, or items, so ofc we have reason to ask, + why the heck would you get annoyed about it?

MEGA undertrds-

A bee for a lizard? Sorry, nty.. Look at wiki or ask friends if your not good with worth! I did that and I feel better at liz worth already!

Personal Prefrences- Do personal preferences affect worth? HELL NO. It can cause you to trade more for that item\pet, but does it mean its worth that? NO. Ex: Im trading wb for pb! ( Not actually I wish I was that rare lmao ) So that means other people should trd wb for pb, because its better! no,thats not how it works..

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Bad shmoogie Bad shmoogie 19 days ago

i am pig... again

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Bad shmoogie Bad shmoogie 19 days ago

i am pig

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YuniUni YuniUni 20 days ago


How much should I price my art at?

(will update this soon with more art)

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Some of my nft lizze stories!

Hi! So heres the story of some of my NFT lizzes!

( Sorry if pics arent in order )

First story:Gourami

Gourami doesn't have much of a story but..

He is special.

I traded my forest+ liz for him!

( Hes around add decent-small ) And now, hes in his forever home, with his bestie, Frando, and his sister, Starburst.

Whose Frando and Starburst, you may ask? Frando was a gift, and is forever NFT! ❤️

My friend traded ancient dragon wings and adds for him, and hes SUCH a cutie!

( I also got another gift liz, but I didnt feel the certain, " Connection," though I do love him still )

Now, Starburst.

Starburst was scammed from me..

And someone from wiki had her!

Then one of my friends went to get her..

And here she is! ❤️❤️( Pink and yellow )

Next one: Jasmine\Dream


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Keeping Up With The Lizorbs-Ep 2

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Keeping Up with the Lizorbs- Ep 1

Welcome to the very first episode of KUWTL, featuring @Pandamaniarocks9's lizorbs, sometimes featuring my lizorbs, possibly! 

Episode 1: The Toxic x Ice Cream x Ocelot Scandal

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OoO KendaII OoO OoO KendaII OoO 21 days ago

Keeping Up With The Lizorbs

check out the page 

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Sunsetocean123 Sunsetocean123 22 days ago

Lizard Drama series

Welcome back to the Lizard drama series! This is episode 2!

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Sunsetocean123 Sunsetocean123 22 days ago

Lizard Drama Series

Welcome to the 1st lizard drama story!

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