On the AJ Pet Worth Wiki, we have a set of rules that you must follow to keep our Jammers safe. When a Jammer breaks one of our rules, they must face a consequence. Here is the chart that shows what rule is broken and what consequence goes with that.

Rule Broken Consequence


1. 3 Month block

2. 1 Year Block

3. and so on: Permanent ban

Badge farming 

1. Warning

2. 5 Day Block

3. 1 Month Block

4. 3 Month Block

5. 3 and so on: 6-18 month block


1. Warning

2. 1 day block

3. and so on: 3-7 day block


1. Warning

2. 2 day block

3 and so on: 7-18 day block

Unnecessary edits

1. Warning

2. 3 day block

3 and so on: 5-25 day block

Sockpuppeting around a block/ban

1. Permanent ban, will also cause your main account to have a longer block.

Scamming, attempting to scam, or proven to be a scammer

1 and so on: Permanent IP ban


1. Block until you turn 13

  1. Warning
  2. 1 Month Block
  3. 1 Year Block
  4. Permanent Ban
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