Please look at the Block Policy article to see our policies for each rule broken.

In order to give everyone the best experience to our wiki, we have a few rules:


You must be 13 years or older to have an account on this wiki. This is for the reasons of COPPA which you can find more information here. If you have any more questions, please message our staff.


Sockpuppeting is when you create multiple accounts to go around a block. Any instances of sockpuppeting will be blocked without warning. Sockpuppeting will also increase the block of the user's main account.

Messaging Policy

This is the policy regarding comments, posts, messages and such. These rules can also apply to bios and profiles if possible.

Unrelated comments

Unrelated comments will be deleted, and the person who posted it will be given a consequence depending on what was posted. It is important to respect as much as possible the page’s subject while making a comment. Comments that contain stories, opinions, discussions, scammer alerts, theories, or that aren’t related to Animal Jam, should only be posted as a discussion post. Therefore, the only Animal Jam related comments allowed are mainly contests, giveaways and comments that revolve around trading. For example, stating you’re looking for an item (example: “Looking for Rare Archer Hat, message me on my wall if you have one) and such, are allowed, as they don’t clog much space. If you see an unrelated comment, report it to the Staff by leaving the link to the comment on their wall. For Scammer Alerts, if the scammer has a wiki account, please report it to our Staff as soon as possible with proof.

Reporting Comments

Unnecessarily reporting comments will get you reminded, then warned if continued. It clogs the Staff’s reported comments section and makes it harder for us to moderate our wiki. If you see a comment that you think breaks our rules, please read all the rules stated here, then report it preferably to a Staff member on their wall.


Swearing is part of the lowest warnings. The only swears allowed on this wiki are:













Spamming is when you continuously post irrelevant comments such as aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' and 'ahsbdfhasdfhgasdfkhsgkhfgskfbwuqd. It can also be posting a relevent message over and over. Please refrain from spamming, you will be given a warning if you do so.

Sensitive Topics

Talking about controversial topics, harming of yourself or others, and real life drama that is not regarding pet worth or Animal Jam is not allowed on this wiki. If a user is seen talking about sensitive topics, they'll be given a warning. This includes having these in bios, profiles and profile pictures.


If a user is seen being Rude/Mean/Disrespectful towards a Staff Member or another user, they'll be given a Consequence. If continued, a block will follow the account.


If a user is seen Harassing a Staff Member or another user, they'll be given a consequence. Depending on the situation, an instant block may follow their account. If continued, it will result in an additional block.


Shipping means to romantically pair 2 people. Shipping real people, including users from the wiki is not allowed without permission. Shipping fictional characters and pets is fine. Please refrain from shipping people or you will get a Reminder.

Excessively Begging/Guilt Tripping

Excessively Begging is when you constantly beg somebody to do something for you, usually to gift you. This tends to happen together with Guilt Tripping, which is when you insert a reason as an excuse in order to get what you want. This is not allowed and if done will be given a Warning


If Drama is caused or seen in the comments, please report it to our Staff as soon as you can. Don’t forget to link the posts, give context to them, explain the situation well & detailed, so that we can fix the issue. Do NOT try to solve the drama by yourself, by doing such, you're putting yourself in risk of being warned as well for stirring up drama.

Mini Modding

Mini Modding means to enforce the rules as a non staff member. If you feel someone has broken the rules, contact a staff member, preferably on their wall. Do not take it into your own hands. Doing so will result in a Consequence.

Asking For Age

Asking for someone's age when you are not a staff member can make some people uncomfortable. If you suspect someone is underaged, please do not ask them yourself. Contact a staff member on their wall.

Sexual Content

Posting any sort of Sexual Content will lead to a permanent block, as it breaks FANDOM's Community Guidelines.


Necroposting is where you comment on an old thread/comment. Most of the time when the people in the thread get a notification for this, they don't remember what the thread was about. If you comment on a thread/comment that has not been used for a month or older, you will get a consequence.

Deleting Warning/Reminders/Heads Up

Deleting Warnings, Reminders and/or Heads up, will result in a warning. Despite reminders & heads up not being warnings, they're used so that staff are able to keep track of how many times a user has broken a rule or done something that doesn't really follow our rules. If one is found deleted, a Warning will be given so.

Art Theft

Art Theft is when you claim an artwork as yours, despite not being yours, either for profit, or compliments. That not only is not tolerated here, as it's disrespectful, dishonest, immature & silly, but it's also ILLEGAL. Copyright exists for a reason, claiming someone's job as yours will NOT be tolerated. It'll lead to a 1 month block minimum.

Trading Policy

These are the rules regarding trading on Animal Jam.


Scamming is when you trick someone into giving you their items/pets. Any scammers will be blocked without warning.


Cross-trading is where you offer an item on one game for an item on another. The most common is offering an Animal Jam item for an Animal Jam Classic item or the other way around. This is not allowed because it can lead to scamming and it is against AJHQ's rules.

Lying About Pets

If you say you own a pet that you don't to get trade offers, you are misleading the people who are offering for the said pet. This is not allowed and you will get a consequence.


Artworks done on any platform other than Masterblocks and Masterpieces (in-game) cannot be traded for in-game items and currency. It has been confirmed it is against AJ's rules and it is no longer allowed on the wiki. This is due to potential actions taken on accounts that partake in this.

Note: Free commissions are allowed.

Note: Art swaps are allowed.

Note: Art cons are allowed if there is prior proof you own the item(s).

Editing Policy

These are the rules regarding editing pages. This does not apply to your own profile.

Unnecessary Edits

Unnecessary categories, unneeded content, etc. are examples of unnecessary edits. Please refrain from making unnecessary edits, you will be given a conseqience if you do so.

Unnecessary Pages

Please do not make unnecessary pages. This is an example of an unnecessary edit. The only time a page is allowed to be created is when a new pet is released and there is no page yet. If a page is created for trading or another unnecessary reason, the creator will recieve a conseqience.

Badge Farming

Badge farming is when you intentionally make edits/pages to earn badges. Please refrain from badge farming; you will be given a warning if you do so.


Vandalism is when you:

-Delete a page on purpose

-Ruin a page

-Ruin someone's profile

-Purposefully change a pet's value to something extreme

Please refrain from vandalizing, you will be given a block if you do so.

How Do I Become Staff?

To become staff you must:

-Be known in the community

-Be kind and respectful

-Have over 100 mainspace edits

-Know worth well

-Have no more than 3 warnings

Staff applications are currently closed. There will be an announcement when they are reopened.

What's The Difference?

A Reminder is a very minor warning. It does not affect your chances to become staff. Depending on the situation, a few Reminders will result in a Warning.

A Warning is slightly more major than a Reminder. Depending on the situation, a few Warnings will result in a Block.

A Major Warning is a very severe warning. Any more Warnings will result in a Block.

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